Acting as a bridge to connect what is beyond the ordinary

The Beginnings
Maria's Story

Facing extremes growing up

... and going through traumatic experiences led Maria to the deep urge to escape this world. She literally wanted to die and  searched for ways to explore these dimensions of existence.

Maria experienced energy and spirits already as a child. She started Soul Traveling as a teenager, and she explored energy work like Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Pleiadean and Sirian Light Work, Atlantean Crystal Work, Energetic Transformation, and Exorcism quite excessively. In these early years, she already proved to herself the existence of the soul beyond the borders of the physical body.

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After almost getting lost

... in these interdimensional worlds, Maria decided to concentrate on and master her physical existence instead, finishing two master's degrees and becoming a serial entrepreneur and CFO, overreaching all the material goals she set. But she wasn't happy and peaceful, realizing something was missing in her life, as she did not feel fulfilled.

Then came COVID. Stuck alone in a small apartment in a foreign country, Maria returned to her old meditation routines and spiritual exercises. She finally said "YES" to life and since then, the energy started to flow ecstatically through her body, causing orgasm-like sensations, until it peaked in a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, leaving her in a fiery sun and an ecstatic state for hours.

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After Maria's
Kundalini Awakening

... everything in her life started crumbling. She left her home, her marriage broke apart, and as they were business partners, she also had to leave the companies and her career behind.

Strangely, though, throughout this whole process, she knew in her heart that everything would be alright, feeling the universe having her back. She let go of the illusion of stability, as nothing stays the same, making space for something new.


Surrendering to the life force energy

... Maria got a van and started driving, with no specific target, purely following where her heart was pulling her, not knowing where she would end up.

During these months of travelling, she also searched for ways to deal with the energy that rushed through her in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, often leaving her overwhelmed and desperately searching for answers and ways to cope, leaving her often between extremes on all levels.


Through all this change the energy kept providing

... people, entities and insights, mostly in very unexpected ways. These encounters and experiences supported her on her path, and she managed to find ways to embrace the energy, learning that Kundalini energy does not allow any blockages to stand in its path. It unleashes enormous power until you let go of anything that doesn't let the energy flow freely.

Finally, Maria found bliss, peace, and love while embarking on a journey to explore the true meaning of love. Now, she is able to feel everything at once, surrendering to extensive amounts of energy, and keeps discovering the magic in everything and everywhere.

Maria's purpose
connect to what exists beyond

Maria supports those who reach over and beyond the material world, connecting to the energy within and around them. She introduces carefully to the Kundalini energy forces, which, if you let go of any resistance and surrender to the power of the life force itself, allow you to find joy and fulfilment beyond imaginable possibilities, and the life you were supposed to live will begin to manifest in the here and now right in front of you.


As a former serial entrepreneur, she turned from a workaholic in the business world to freedom and creativity, living now as a writer, creator and world traveller.

Since an early age Maria is close to death and what exists beyond, courageously exploring the dimensions of existence. A Kundalini Awakening guided her into the abyss of fully surrendering to the life force itself, crushing all known aspects of her old life.

Finally, it led her to her purpose of bridging both worlds, connecting to what goes beyond the ordinary.

Your Coach For Your Quest of
conscious integration of life force energy


The purpose of this Quest

... is to provide companionship and a space where questions are answered and experiences are shared. We are providing a platform where various techniques are offered to assist in whatever phase of Kundalini Awakening you are in.

From beginners who are eager to feel the flow of the life force to advanced seekers wanting to learn and improve new techniques to deal with the energies around them, up to Kundalini awakened ones, who do not want to walk this path alone but are open to sharing what they learned.

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This meditation leads you through a process of releasing tensions in your body. You are guided to bless and release what does not give you peace, letting go of emotions that do not serve you any more, connect with yourself and practice forgiveness. You are guided to connect with the nothingness all around you, establishing a divine connection, feeling the endless flow of energy, connecting to the eternal consciousness.
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