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Vision and Mission of
Juicy MagiK

JUICY MAGIK is a platform and lifestyle brand that provides guidance for consciousness co-creation and well-being, bringing unity, harmony and a 1.000 years of peace by helping the world come together.
Individuals,  communities and islands of light are guided to succeed and experience all the possibilities of life in a subtler, finer and more genuine, authentic way through exceptional podcasts, courses, coaching, events and livestreams.

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Unleashing MagiK
About Us

Combining the most elegant, beautiful and timeless aspects of inner and outer wealth in all ways provides Maria and Mark an ongoing way to joyfully share their life pilgrimage devoted to sacred spaces, pursuits and people with the ever-expanding Juicy MagiK community and affiliated temples of light and love.

We invite you to share and grow with us and move closer to your own unique eternal self and pathway back to Godhead. Thank you for your time, energy and being. We wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Our Story

Our Journey
How we got here

All living beings seek shelter, want to be happy, want to be satisfied, and desire being engaged in a life or purpose, devotion and loving service.
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Mark's path

  • Studying, practicing and embodying transcendental knowledge and inner and outer wealth in all ways since the age of 5.
  • 30 years of thriving with a chronic condition facing death many times giving Mark realizations and actualizations of the fundamental foundations for loving life no matter what.
  • Mark created enough financial freedom to retire in only 15 years from scratch after being highly in debt, stressed out, miserable and sick, to shining and walking a brilliant path, taking all the wisdom of the inner wealth and being able to apply it to the outer wealth.

Maria's path

  • Maria similarly, not having a chronic condition but a deep desire to die and to leave this material world, she wasn't happy with her life wanting for it to end. Maria is sharing her journey how she stayed alive in this body and how she excelled through many deep challenges to arrive at her best life, accepting and forgiving the past and inviting life to flow through her freely to the fullest, finally loving life and letting go of all depression and despair.
  • Maria became a serial entrepreneur, built up 7 thriving profitable companies across multiple countries and industries and was able to walk away from it all, once it no longer served a higher purpose without looking back, shifting towards a life of freedom, abundance and joy.

If You Feel Attracted
Let's dive in deeper

YOU come away with your Golden Print and Design - a  VIVID VISION and OUTCOMES, INSPIRING CONNECTION,  SIGNIFICANCE and BESPOKE AGENCY/Impact
  • Does all of today's fancy examples of lifestyles and technology make your heart hurt?
  • Are you lost and confused when it comes to purpose and mission?
  • Do you want to build an authentic community based on your core, but don't know how?
  • Do you need help creating a clear vision for your company?
  • Do you struggle with being enough and having abundance in all aspects of life?
  • Could you use a guide who can show you the ropes?
  • Are you ready to finally deepen your realizations and actualizations and come alive to eternal life?
  • Are you struggling to create more time to be and not do?
  • Are you really free but intuit that you can be?
  • Do you want to fuck your brains out?
  • Are there pieces of the puzzle that don't fit or as missing?
  • Can you walk away from everything and be more than just ok?
  • Do you really know that you are and have enough no matter what the situation?

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Unleashing More MagiK
Touching Lives

We've touched thousands of people through our travels and offerings and come into harmony with our fundamental core artistry, ministry and coaching.

We've been able to launch our lifestyle brand, podcast, events and community without incurring any debt or need for inflows of money by building on a base that is free from need.

We've paired down and stripped down to the bare essentials but still surrounded by abundance in all ways - not following society, cultural or external lifestyle imprints and getting to the real core golden prints of our true wealth allows us to shine and sparkle every day. Finding out how fun it can be to adventure and quest all over the planet while feeling at home wherever we are, whenever it is and with whoever we are with.

Our Story

Trust and be at ease
Confident to be yourself

Being perfectly at ease and confident whether with Kings or Paupers, in palaces or shantytowns, the complete or the broken, our energy tithing methods ensure we give and grow at all stages of life.

Unlocking the secrets of sacred entheogens within the proper individual and community context make these tools readily available right now right here for anyone beginner or expert.

Strong advocates for true freedom, peace and joy - we encourage all to tear away veils, falsities and boundaries that keep us in ignorance and hinder the development of true living in harmony with the truth.

Living how we are uninhibited, brave and grounded encourages everyone to do the same beyond culture, faiths and temporary identities, and have to's.

It's also about letting go but building something new and a path to walk upon with strong pillars so many can enter in the Aquarian Age and be an island of light and a beacon and lighthouse for all those still bound by darkness, ignorance and belief systems that make you question if it's possible to escape deep patterns and beliefs that have held you back step fully into your true self, your paws, primal authentic wild self, uncover who you really are and the live fully with MagiK, Awe and Wonder.


We want to feel alive, feel aware and feel awake. We seek to experience the Transcendent.
To do so we shift inwardly and outwardly from wanting and needing, to receiving, sharing and being abundant right here, right now.
As we are eternal Universal beings, without beginning or end, we are yearning to lean in to Cosmic Consicousness.

Our Values
The holy 8 condiments

Our values are love, surrender and devotion expressed with freedom, peace and joy, using our holy 8 topic titles to disseminate this understanding, stew and marinade in the juicy spices of life.
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  • God – We show value and respect to all by focusing first on serving and loving God  and the Divine in all that is.
  • Love - Love is the question and the answer. To love and be loved is the perfection of life, as well as above and beyond the mundane field of existence.
  • Money - As a tool and technology, money is a force for good and has helped create civilization evolution through peaceful trade. Truly understanding what money is is a fundamental question of our age.
  • Sex - Sex is an embodied physical force that can be harnessed, tapped into and expanded through many archaic and modern techniques of ecstasy.
  • Death - Wisdom begins with the definition of terms. Exploring what is death and what it is not, as well as considering this important condiment will augment and shine up your ability to live and love life.
  • Technologies - All our human tools, tips, strategies, hacks, ideas, work and play in this world are made possible and more robust and abundant through technologies. What appears as MagiK in one age may very well be advanced technology and science in another age.
  • Libations - All living beings seek to shift and change our consciousness regardless of our bodily designations or external forms - an offering of love or an outpouring of devotion can be upgraded and levelled up through and with the conscious use of libations that fit for your current time, place and circumstance.
  • Compassion - Being kind, gentle, soft and incredibly resilient is the nature of compassion - find more compassion within and your outside wealth will expand beautifully from a solid foundation.



“He sits with you in your darkness, and shows you your own light.”

"I met Mark Kerwin at A-fest Jordan this year. In the short amount of time I’ve known him, I’ve seen him touch and profoundly impact many souls, including my own. He is an incredible healer with his capacity to hold space, to make others around him feel seen and heard, to not just give or receive love, but to truly share love, to embody and BE love. It was this presence of his that allowed me to share emotional pain with him that I’ve never shared with anyone else. Mark’s wisdom allowed me to see the ways in which I was still self-punishing and holding onto guilt and shame for things beyond my control.  He sits with you in your darkness and shows you your own light. He truly has a unique gift of empowering people to open up and heal, of uplifting and elevating everyone around him. He has not only become my mentor/guru, but also a dear friend - someone I see as family. He is somebody whose purpose is to share his wisdom, his love, and his playfulness with the world."
Irene Oyang, M.A.
Mental Performance Specialist
Red Bull

Mark Helped Hundreds of People
To soar, sparkle and shine

"“Being" with Mark is a blessing. It feels like you are transported in a safe place where you can share authentically who you are without any worries. Mark creates a container where vulnerability turns into power.

Thank you Mark for your generous way of being, your active listening and support. I will always remember a powerful session we had. It’s marked as a pivotal moment. Truly grateful for you."

Francis Piché
Founder & CEO | Investor | Mindset Alchemist Resilience Global Media Inc.

"Mark coached me over several sessions in the areas of financial abundance, money and outer wealth. I have appreciated Mark’s expert knowledge, excellent strategies, and guidance. His teachings turned out very important to growing my business and opening up to and receiving more abundance in my life in general.

Mark was professional, personable, timely and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I found the desired results. Thank you, Mark! Keep up the great work!"

Steve Beattie
Breathing In Nature

“Mark and I completed certified Hypnotherapy training together, and he quickly integrated his acute comprehension of its accelerated healing ability into his own coaching practice. He has the upmost vast array of knowledge that stems several genres in Spirit Mind awareness, that he intrinsically weaves into his sessions. Mark helped me personally in private session around limiting alcohol use, and my estranged daughter relationship, and in a superior method that blends compassion and highly effective retention. Juicy Magik coaching builds wealth and health confidence for getting you to where you need to be to create your best life.”

Carolynn S Leaman
HoloBody Coach, HypnoTherapy, creator of EarthElements: Sound Therapy for Nature

“This is a brief letter to share my high regards for Mark who served as my money mentor, and prosperity pastor during the year of 2021. Mark and I had 4 sessions together, and in that short time, he mentored, coached and inspired me to transform the way I understand, approach, and experience my relationship with money. His approach was all at once practical, radical, outlandish, and common sense effective. 1 year later the concepts, ideas, and coaching that Mark gave me still are with me, some in the form of seeds, others, in buds, and flowers.”

Marcus Fung
drumadrumDRUM - drum circle facilitator, therapeutic music facilitator

“I’m gonna follow your words Mark and work with you on gettting a house and home.

You’re a visionary.

You’re one of those great minds I’ve met.”

Vishal Jayaraj
The Monochromist

“Mark Kerwin is a magical creature with a wonderful heart and a generous spirit. he brings genuine wonder, connection and intentionality to everything and everyone he touches.

I trust him implicitly and I champion his endeavors.”

Ivy Rose Marsh
LCSW, Psychedelic trauma therapist, somatic channel, energy worker

Thrive in all-ways
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Live in your treasure and sprinkle the world with vivid colour.
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