Maria and Mark

The founders of Juicy MagiK

Juicy Magik's Beginnings
Our Story

It all started when Maria and Mark first met in Jordan near the holy spot of Jesus's baptism

... by his living spiritual master John at the river Jordan. Both of them were undergoing a major life transformation as well as dissolution from their former selves, relationships, homes and pursuits.

Over the next year, they fell deeply in love and also recommitted themselves to the eternal path of transcendental knowledge, self-actualization and God-realization. Bringing together their current combined years of experience, love, surrender and devotion into a readily accessible, available and transparent format quickly became the genesis of Juicy MagiK, their fun, open and reverent offering to the world.

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Combining the very best, humblest and timeless aspects of inner and outer wealth in all ways

... allow Maria and Mark an ongoing way to joyfully share their life pilgrimage devoted to sacred spaces, pursuits and people with the ever-expanding Juicy MagiK community and affiliated temples of light and love.

We invite you to share and grow with us and move closer to your own unique eternal self and pathway back to Godhead. Thank you for your time, energy and being. We wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Unleashing More MagiK
Touching Lifes

We've touched thousands of people through our travels and offerings and come into harmony with our fundamental core artistry, ministry and coaching.

We've been able to launch our lifestyle brand, podcast, events and community without incurring any debt or need for inflows of money by building on a base that is free from need.

We've paired down and stripped down to the bare essentials but still surrounded by abundance in all ways - not following society, cultural or external lifestyle imprints and getting to the real core golden prints of our true wealth allows us to shine and sparkle every day. Finding out how fun it can be to adventure and quest all over the planet while feeling at home wherever we are, whenever it is and with whoever we are with.

All thanks to the powerful native controls!

Our Story

Trust and be at ease
Confident to be yourself

Being perfectly at ease and confident whether with Kings or Paupers, in palaces or shantytowns, the complete or the broken, our energy tithing methods ensure we give and grow at all stages of life.

Unlocking the secrets of sacred entheogens within the proper individual and community context make these tools readily available right now right here for anyone beginner or expert.

Strong advocates for freedom and encourage to tear away all veils, falsities and boundaries that keep us in ignorance and hinder the development of true peace, joy and freedom.

Living how we are uninhibited, brave and grounded encourages everyone to do the same beyond culture, faiths and temporary identities, and have to's.

It's also about letting go but building something new and a path to walk upon with strong pillars so many can enter in the Aquarian Age and be an island of light and a beacon and lighthouse for all those still bound by darkness, ignorance and belief systems that make you question if it's possible to escape deep patterns and beliefs that have held you back step fully into your true self, your paws, primal authentic wild self, uncover who you really are and the live fully with MagiK, Awe and Wonder.

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