Kundalini Awakening

with a sun of fire burning me from within for hours along with ecstatic sensations that just did not stop, leaving me wondering: "... and now what?"

I experienced a


What am I supposed to do now ?

Is there anybody else experiencing something similar?
Why can't I make it stop?
How can I learn to control it?

Left with more questions than ever before



unexplainable body pains, spontaneous strong emotions such as sadness, anxiety and anger, intense sexual sensations, uncontrolled ecstatic episodes

Faceing and managing



like blessings, meditation, lucid dreaming, soul travel and soul communication, channelling, Theta and Quantum Healing, Atlantean crystal healing, Pleiadean and Sirian Light Work, exorcism, P-DTR, physio-therapy, massages

I needed to adapt in order to stabilize and calm the energy through


Encounters beyond the Ordinary

allowing guidance by the energy, tapping into the pure flow of the life force itself, communication with entities, opening portals and dimensions intermerging

Opening up I accepted to feel and see


Kundalini energy is the life force itself, the energy that flows through everything that exists and creates all that is.

Start tapping into your true self and be who you were intended to be. Connect with your inner power and set yourself free from any outer dependencies, which keep you from establishing your balance and enjoying your inner peace.

Your Coach


Maria is sharing what it means to live with a constantly burning energetic fire and how the energy called Kundalini can be integrated. She is exploring the highs and lows of this transformative process and is showing how to navigate the challenges, embracing self-discovery, joy, ecstasy and inner peace, uncovering her struggles, techniques, encounters and how the energy keeps changing all aspects of her being.

The Quest for a Kundalini Awakening

The purpose of The Quest is to provide a space where questions are answered, and experiences are shared. We are building a platform where various techniques are offered to assist in whatever phase of Kundalini Awakening you are in.
From beginners who are eager to feel the flow of the life force to advanced seekers wanting to learn and improve new techniques to deal with the energies around them, up to Kundalini awakened ones, who do not want to walk this path alone but are open to sharing what they learned.

Kundalini Awakening ... but then what?

Guidance through the Kundalini Transformation

During my Kundalini Awakening, a fire sun burned within and around me. I had ecstatic orgasm-like sensations for four hours, and I couldn't make it stop. Such phenomena and other side effects kept arising spontaneously, uncontrollably and often leaving me in turmoil over a long time. It may sound desirable, but it is not funny if you're in a public space or office environment and start moaning.

Facing struggles with the energy nobody has talked about, or warned of, led me on a quest to find guidance and others who experience the life force energy similarly. I was searching for ways to cope with intense sexual sensations, long-lasting ecstatic episodes, unexplainable body pains wandering within my body and unprompted emotions like sadness, anxiety or anger. On top of that, realities and dimensions were intermerging. I was experiencing different realities to an incredibly realistic extent, questioning myself about what to do with all these pieces of information.

On this journey, I started to explain this energy called Kundalini to others, cautiously guiding them. Carefully, if stepping onto the path of Kundalini discovery, you should ask yourself these questions:

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Do I really want this?

How can I stabilise the energy in my system?

Am I ready to safely experience a Kundalini Awakening without harming myself?

How can I cope with all the changes in a healthy manner?


Kundalini Awakening Courses

Experience the power of awakening your kundalini energy for yourself.

Empower yourself through getting in touch with yourself.
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Aligment of mind, body, soul & energy, followed by awakening session
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Aligment of mind, body, soul & energy, including awakening session
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Kundalini Awakening Course

Currently, I am buidling a course to share what made me integrate this incredible energy called Kundalini.

Let me know which technique you want to know more about, and I will consider those wishes. The quest I am currently engaged in will contain the most desired techniques explained and dived into in more detail.

- Do you want to learn to use Atlantean crystal patterns to raise your frequency?

- Would you like to know more about establishing light chambers for healing and transformation?

- How about learning more about channelling and how it can be facilitated for self-awareness and personal growth?

- What topics would you like to hear more about in a podcast?

I would love to hear from you.

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How I Can Support You

Do You want to feel the life force energy flowing through you in a more loving, accepting and peaceful way?


You may experience various struggles in different phases of Your development. Here is a collection of issues You might face and what can help You with each.

How to face and manage

... unexplainable body pains passing through your body, unprompted emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger, intense sexual episodes, ...
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Several techniques can stabilize and calm down specific energy patterns. Find out what currently works best for You as You might need to adapt.

Explore and adapt techniques over time

... blessings, meditation, lucid dreaming, soul travel, channelling, Theta Healing, Atlantean crystal healing, light work, physiotherapy, P-DTR, massages, ...
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As You start to be open, see and feel what goes beyond the physical, You start encountering unexplainable synchronicities, dimensions and entities.

Meet what exists beyond the Ordinary

Several encounters might be scary, questioning Your sanity, leaving You overwhelmed or confused, and not understanding the message or meaning.
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